Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A flaw in my thinking

Miserable Git smiled today. (To clarify, not Husband but a dog-walker we often see.) His dog still growled at George though. Not in a ferocious way but more of a 'I'm your boss' way, to which George responded with, 'Whatever.' He has nothing to prove. 

A nice long walk including a big hill the morning after a strenuous circuit training session wasn't the best idea. By halfway up the hill I was in need of a power snack and wishing I'd brought some of those cookies with me. It was only the thought of marmite on toast that kept me going. And a banana. And a cookie. Or two.

Which sort of defeats the object of the nice long walk. Tuesday is Weigh Day but I refused to weigh this morning as I didn't want to depress myself. But now, having had a long walk I feel justified in eating lots. A definite flaw in my thinking somewhere along the line.

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