Monday, January 27, 2014

We had a prowler!

A night-time visitor and not of the nice kind.

On Saturday morning Younger Son noticed some broken bits of car outside our back/side gate. It looked as if joy-riders might have dumped them. He reported it to the police and that was that.

Now Nuora works in an Italian restaurant and they were busy on Saturday evening so it was almost midnight when she got home. She was in the bathroom cleaning her teeth when she noticed the security light was on outside. Because of the morning's events she called Younger Son who peered out and saw a prowler. They bravely rushed downstairs and outside by which time the prowler had gone. Thankfully.  (George meantime had refused to get out of bed.)

It looks as if one or more of the scallywags from the Friday evening, having seen Nuora's scooter on the drive, had returned to steal it. 

It's now safely ensconced in the garage and we're just grateful that the intruder wasn't there when Nuora got home from work. And George is never going to live down the shame of sleeping through the intruder's visit. Not that he cares. He was tired. Bless him. 


Shirley Davis said...

A case of all's well that ends well but unnerving at the time. I used to hate being alone in my home (good old days, not) but now I am fine as I don't hear many noises all the time. We just have the continual worry that Sammy Squirrel and his descendants might move in!
Hope all remains well, Liz xx

Trubes said...

Poor George was so worn out after his big swim that he slept through the prowler incident, so glad everyone is ok now,
Take care,

Liz Hinds said...

I'm sure it will, Shirl, thanks. x

That's a very generous view to take, Di! x

Leslie: said...

That would have been a very scary thing! Glad Nuoro still has her mode of transportation!

nick said...

I don't think burglars would find much of value in our house. A 14-year-old telly, some ancient mobile phones, some middle-aged computers. Unless they've got a buyer for the complete set of The West Wing....

Rose said...

So glad everyone is safe, and nothing was taken! I'm sure George will be back at his post once he's rested up.

Nick, if I were a burglar and saw your set of "The West Wing," I'd definitely snatch it!

Furtheron said...

I can't see George ever helping!