Monday, December 09, 2013

Full of Christmas spirit

One of the perks of working at Linden is that I get to decorate the Christmas tree! Some people like the minimalist approach; I'm of the more the merrier persuasion.

However, it also means scrambling through the undergrowth to find big stones to put in the bucket as we seem to have lost our tree stand.

And we've had out first Merry Messiahmas card in work. In fact it's the first Messiahmas card I've ever seen.

I am wearing my Ho Ho Ho jumper, listening to Christmas music, watching seasonal films ... but, as I posted on Facebook today, that old black dog is whimpering to be let in and it's a struggle to resist. But put up a fight I will!

Helped by filling - belatedly - the drawers in my/our advent calendar with chocolates while eating all the Malteaser ones.

* * * * * * * *
I made my Christmas cake some time ago but decided to make another small one for someone else so searched for a last minute cake recipe. The one I opted for needed stout so I trotted off to the off-licence and asked for the cheapest stout. Somehow I managed to end up buying probably the most expensive  but the man told me it was worth it as it was very chocolatey. 'In fact,' he said, 'it's like drinking melted milk chocolate.'

I would be willing to bet 5p that, were I to taste it, I would not think that. (Husband was compelled to finish the bottle and he confirmed it did taste like chocolate and was very nice.) But I still bet I wouldn't like it.


nick said...

Funny, chocolate-flavoured alcohol sounds horrible, but alcohol-flavoured chocolate is delicious.

Leslie: said...

Did you notice that your reflection makes you look like you have big b**bs? LOL

Liz Hinds said...

Apparently it was very nice, nick.

I did, leslie! Of course it's down to the shape of the bauble and not all the chocs i'm eating!

Anonymous said...

Nice bauble