Monday, September 02, 2013

A little concerned when I turned up for yesterday's Tribal Gathering at Zac's to find it was just me and Mog. And then Mog went ...

But only to the shop and soon others turned up. We knew it would be a small group because lots of people were away but what we lacked in number we made up for in quality. A great discussion on 'Blessed are the peacemakers' - particularly interesting in view of the situation in Syria at the moment - and atmosphere. 

Rowland had an especially challenging viewpoint. He suggested that sometimes peacemaking involves taking action with good intention but another alternative is intercession, not perhaps as I would think of it eg as long-term ongoing prayer, but as a lifestyle, a choice. It took the intercession of one man, Jesus, through dying, to bring us peace; it took the intercession of one man, Robert Jermain Thomas, a Welsh missionary who died in the attempt to plant the seed of Christianity in Korea, a country that today has more than 12 million Christians.

I have to admit the option to be a peacemaker looks slightly less attractive when linked with dying for the cause.

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