Thursday, August 01, 2013

Unleashing the kraken

So, the Sunday before last I was guest at Pantygwydr's cafe church, last Sunday I spoke in prison and on Tuesday I led Zac's. This coming Sunday I'm facilitating - I refuse to lead - Zac's first Sunday in the month gathering. Anyone would think I was a proper grown-up person that other people listen to instead of a twit who rambles!

And on Tuesday I met with some local midwives about a new project we're starting in Zac's. Just over 48 hours later I already have the first of many promised donations: a pushchair, 2 Moses baskets and a baby bath.
Big thanks to Leah Pope and her group of mums for what they've promised, and for this particular bit of generosity, Lauren Davies.

When I spoke to Sean before he went on holiday and he said, 'Go ahead,' I don't think he knew what he was unleashing!

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