Monday, August 12, 2013

Still scrubbing in vain

I've been doing my exercise dvd  for 5 days and I still have a flabby tummy. But now I also have a bad hip. I think I will leap on to level 2 in the hope it doesn't have so many lunges. Or I could just do them on the right side. But then I may end up lopsided.

But right now I have just cleaned the kitchen floor. Have I mentioned the kitchen floor to you before? Big mistake getting pale tiles. Husband wanted black (as he never stops reminding me) but I thought that would make the kitchen too dark. 

The trouble is they're unsealed stone tiles. That means the dirt gets ground in and the tiles really need a good old-fashioned scrubbing brush taken to them. Which i would have done today had I been able to find my scrubbing brush.

So I had to make do with mopping furiously. I think I may try doing it every day for a few days to see if that helps. (What? You mean I'm supposed to clean the floor every day anyway and not once in a blue moon?)

On the plus side you can't beat a bit of Tina for floor-mopping especially as you have in your hand a ready-made microphone. "Simplyyyyy the Bestttt!"

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