Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mushy gosht

I like to think I'm a reasonable cook. I'm not inventive but I can follow recipes. So why do my finished dishes rarely end up looking like the photo in the book?

This is supposed to be Madhur Jaffrey's Paalag Gosht (Moghlai lamb with spinach) but I don't think my version would have appealed to the Moghul emperors.

You know, sometimes when you're following a recipe, do you ever think, 'that just doesn't sound right'? Being told to add spinach 50 minutes before the end of cooking time was one of those moments for me. But I did as bidden with the resultant mush. I'd almost gone off it before I started eating but it quickly grew on me. In fact I went back for seconds. And once Husband had got the 'what no rice?' out of his system he enjoyed it too. It's something the sons would like as well being largely meat. 

I'm not sure what happened to the crispy onions though ...


katney said...

Maybe the Moghul hordes liked their spinach mushy. I don't. I will take your word for it.

And the cookbook authors have the advantage of stagers and professional photographers to make theirs look best.

Just wish it were cool enough to bake cookies.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Glam or not , I bet it tasted wonderful .
I have her 100 Essential Curries book and , in that , she has Diced Potatoes with Spinach , sort of Bubble and Squeak with garam masala . Also delicious , though the spinach cooks longer than seems necessary ( around ten minutes , having been wilted first ) Perhaps it's to develop the flavours ?

Leslie: said...

I have found that lots of times foods that look either really plain or outright disgusting end up tasting the best!

Liz said...

It did taste good, honest, katney. I wish it we had a bit of your warmth here!

I don't know that you could particularly taste the flavour of the spinach though, sonata, but still good.

I was really going off this dish but, yes, it tasted good, leslie, so good that Husband said I should make a note so we'd remember to have it again.