Friday, May 17, 2013

Lock out!

I got locked out of work today.

Fortunately it was sunny so I was able to sit on a window-sill and wait for the electrician to let me in. Which isn't quite as bad as having to call the plumber to let me out of the toilet.

You see I only went outside to take the sign to the bottom of the drive. I normally take my keys when I'm on my own, just in case, but, as the electrician was in the building, I left the door ajar this time.  When I got back it was locked. 

I rang the bell but
a) it might not be working and 
b) the electrician would expect me to open the door if someone rang.

Then I thought maybe he was in the boiler room. It has a wire mesh over the window so first I had to find a stick to push through the mesh to 'bang' or rather, rustle a bit, against the glass. But he wasn't in there.

Next I walked around to the other side of the building where there are windows that look into the hall, hoping I'd be able to see him - or more importantly, he'd be able to see me. Again, no sign.

So it was at this point I sat on the warm window-sill and held a conversation with my stick-man.
'Hello, stick-man.'
'It's a nice day to be locked out.'
'Pretty stupid to get locked out though.'
'Excuse me? This from a stick-man without a head or legs and with one arm longer than the other?'
'And this from a woman talking to a stick?'
'Point taken. Anyway, with a bit of luck someone will have phoned the police about a woman behaving strangely and they'll turn up soon. They're good at getting into places; I've seen it on telly.'
'Yes, but it usually involves breaking down doors.'
'Hm, true. Oh look!'

Frantic leaping about and waving from me - and the stick-man - followed as the electrician walked through the hall. And he didn't notice me! Until I banged on the glass.
'Oh, did I lock you out?'


Leslie: said...

You certainly have a way with making an "oops" into a humourous story! lol

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A nice tale, very wittily told.