Monday, April 29, 2013

Offended by the world

From a Facebook advert:
Measles? No MMR jab? Claim now! The NHS misled you on vaccine risk  Claim compensation for your child's suffering and trauma.

I am speechless. It's not just money-grabbing lawyers taking any opportunity they can to increase their income; it's the whole 'I'm entitled to be compensated for everything' attitude that seems to be prevalent today.

Mutter, mutter. 

It was pointed out to me recently that you can get rid of the adverts* at the side by clicking on the little X box. When you do that Facebook asks why you want to be rid of this particular ad. In this case i ticked the Offensive box.

*You can't actually get rid of all the adverts as others leap up to take their place and there's a never-ending supply, but you can be rid of those that do offend, for whatever reason.


Leslie: said...

I didn't know that about those adverts...will try to get rid of them.

katney said...

I ignore them.

I used to delete them, but realized as you did that others just show up.

I sometimes notice them and laugh and laugh and laugh. I get a lot of meet single men in your community ads. If I happen to click one to see where these single men in my community are hiding (I do have single friends, you see.) I find that they are hiding in Seattle.

So is the best hamburger in Grandview.

Marie said...

I use Adblock Plus (free download) and haven't seen an ad on the internet in years. I looked at a friend's Facebook page recently and was shocked at the ads everywhere. I have nice blank space on mine instead :-)