Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Submit to your leader ...

unless her name is Liz.

Not my best attempt at leading bible study last night in Zac's. We were looking at the passage in 1 Peter about submitting to rulers. There were good points to be made but I didn't put them over very well. As a result:
a) I sort of suggested that the Holocaust was God's idea;
and b) Kay isn't speaking to me (not because of a).

I did get a clap though - when I yelled, 'SHUT UP!!!!'

It was ironic that a passage about submitting to rulers/leaders made me realise again my failings in that area. But at least preparing for the study - I can't say 'taught' because that implies I have finally learned a lesson - reminded me of the ideal that is required of Christians: to be like Jesus and demonstrate God through our actions.

It's flipping hard though! Especially when God (disciplines) subtly teaches us lessons.

P.S. Lying in bed this morning I composed a much more articulate and lengthy post covering all sorts of related themes - but this is all I can manage right now.

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