Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow time! Or not ...

Getting up this morning I glanced out of the window that looks onto the back of our house. 'Whooppee! Snow!'

I went downstairs and let George out of the front door - where it was raining ...

Janet then phoned to say that it was blizzard like where she lives - close to, but slightly higher than, Linden where I work - and she suggested not going into work too early - if at all.


Husband drove me to work a little later than usual and it was absolutely fine. There'd been some snow but it was slushy and inconsequential. Then Facebook was full of photos of snow and reports of schools closed and dire warnings. 

I worried if my Sainsburys delivery would come: it did - and a little earlier than expected!

The weather is very confusing.

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Leslie: said...

Not confusing here - grey, dark, cold and usually drizzling. *sigh* Absolutely no motivation to go out or do anything as I'm still struggling with this nasty cough.