Monday, November 12, 2012

Stand by me

Usually on Remembrance Sunday in Linden we just have the token silence but we made an effort this time and three candles were lit by representatives of different generations. It reminded me of April, from Zac's, whose son was killed in Afghanistan. He and his best friend signed up for the army on the same day and were killed by the same bomb on the same day.

Remembrance has a very special significance for some.

Later, our speaker for the morning was an Australian called Fuzz Kitto who's had a 35-year worldwide mission. He spoke well and, even though he spoke for a lot longer than we normally have - I didn't get restless so that's a good indicator. It probably helped that he interspersed his talk with a few short videos including this one.
This is the song that turned a small group of individuals into a global movement for peace and understanding, Playing for Change.

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Furtheron said...

Remembrance Day I find very poignant. We watched the London one on tv yesterday and later in the day observed 2 mins silence before the start of a swimming gala my daughter was swimming at.

I think it massively important we don't forget - although we do seem to. The belief these men died for peace when we are still fighting wars and losing more (even today I read of another loss) makes me wonder if we have learnt anything.