Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the back of my mum's head

We went to see Greg Davies in the theatre last night. He's a very popular comedian at the moment so, even though I booked as soon as the theatre brochure arrived, the only seats I could get were up in the gods. Fortunately he's very tall (6'8").

I was really looking forward to seeing him but it turned out to be a bit disappointing. There were very funny bits that made me laugh out loud and lots of amusing bits that made me smile, but not enough of either. He's quite early on in his tour and I guess it's a work in progress but I can't help feeling it should be a work 'still on the computer'. It needed editing and tightening I felt.

And while I don't mind swear words generally there are some that are still over the edge for me. Which is a shame as he seems like a really nice man. I kept thinking, 'Ah, I bet there are lots of women who'd love to take him home and look after him.' He was that sort of man. You know, ah, bless.

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