Monday, August 20, 2012

The Man Inside

Graham Hunt aka Furtheron has been a long-time reader of my blog - for which I am grateful - and is one of those I now consider a friend. He's a recovering alcoholic and he's written honestly about his alcoholism on his blog where he also shares stories of  life with his wonderful and supportive family.

He is also geeky about guitars!  - as well as being a guitarist, singer and song-writer. 

Graham made the decision a while ago to concentrate on his music and step out into the scary world of public performance and to make his songs available to a wider audience on cd, his second one of which he's not long released. The songs on The Man Inside are "... in part the tale of my life, capturing my route through alcoholism and my on-going recovery. ... In short they are instrumental in me finding The Man Inside."

I bought a copy of The Man Inside shortly after its release but it's taken me ages to make the time to listen to it properly rather than just put it on as background music. I'm not a reviewer - I struggle to describe why I like books (um, I just enjoyed it) - so I won't be able to do this cd justice but I can say that it does what it says on the box: it tells a story of the journey through pain into hope. 

I think my favourite track is Daydreams, maybe because it has a slightly 60s' feel to it that appeals to a child of the 60s! Solo 12, one of the two instrumentals on the cd has a Spanish feel that is attractive and All At Once is a good old-fashioned love song that sounds to me like a tribute to the wife who stood by him.

To bring out a cd is a brave action on the part of anyone; when it tells such a personal story the courage deserves even greater reward. I hope many people buy The Man Inside and are touched and helped by it.

You can buy The Man Inside here as a download or on cd.


Furtheron said...

Hugely humbled - thank you so much

Rose said...

What a great accomplishment! I wish all the best for Furtheron. And your review is perfect, Liz; after all, it's how a work makes you feel or the thoughts it invokes that matter.

This reminds me that I'm rather embarrassed to say I still haven't finished your book. I have a stack of library books and some book club reading that I have been trying to get through this summer. I pick up your book and read a few chapters every time I need to laugh for awhile.