Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blooming lovely

The garden is starting to come into bloom. The roses are gorgeous this year in spite of all the rain we've had that looked as id it would make them wet and mildewed.

This Welsh poppy I bought from the man at the car boot sale earlier this year.
And - whisper this - years ago I persuaded Husband to dig up a small wild rose from the tip to plant in our garden. It was a single petal layered rose (there's probably an official term for that) in the wild but has loads of petals now. But still retains the wonderful wild rose perfume.


Leslie: said...

Both the poppy and the rose are beautiful. My poppy looks pretty much the same as yours but I don't get too many blooms on it.

katney said...

I have a rose that was supposed to be an ordinary rose, but it died. I thought it died, but when I went to pull it out in the spring it had some different sort of branches on it. It eventually has grown a lot of these branches covered with old fashioned roses and tries to climb the fence which is too far from it.

Liz said...

The poppy's new this year, leslie, and I'm pleased with it. Whether it'll survive to next year under my tender care is another question.

It seems roses are very adaptable, katney.