Sunday, April 08, 2012

Parmigiana to you

Time to catch up on blogging! 

We were in Devon Wednesday/Thursday, I was in work on Friday and Friday evening I - very unusually for me - just didn't feel like blogging. Anything I'd written then would have been stodge. Yesterday no time so finally, today, after cleaning my desk so I can use the keyboard without things toppling on me, I'm able to sit down and catch up.

Back to front probably. Or rather in the order that things come into my head beginning, unsurprisingly, with food. I thought I'd cook us an Italian-style meal yesterday, mainly to use some of my authentic parmigiana before I finished it all in big chunks between meals.
While in Italy I had a starter much like this of braesola (dry cured beef) with rocket, parmesan and balsamic dressing. I tried out 2 variations of dressing but neither was quite right - or as good as the one I had in Italy. I think the simple oil and vinegar one was closer and maybe only needed to be whisked a bit more to make it homogenise. 
 Then we had portabella mushroom risotto with parmesan.
Both quite delicious even though the risotto looks a bit like sludge.

While on the subject of food I had to buy a box of Cadburys Fingers in Sainsburys yesterday as they were half price. Similar reasoning applied to the Buttons egg I bought. Very small Buttons egg. I broke a piece off this afternoon with the intention of leaving the rest of it till later. Why do I even try to pretend to myself that such a thing is possible? Chocolate wasn't made to be eaten slowly. It has to be devoured rapidly for the buzz to be huge and instant and worthwhile.


Leslie: said...

I always thought Cadbury's was Canadian but I just googled it and found this - It was John Cadbury, a young Quaker, who first set things in motion when he opened a shop in Birmingham, UK in 1824. I was wrong, but you are right in that it shouldn't be eaten slowly, although I like to nibble it frozen. :D Happy Easter!

Liz said...

Yes, he was a good guy building housing for his workers as well. Cadburys has been taken over by Hersheys now I think.