Monday, April 23, 2012

How t boil an egg

I haven't done any proper cooking for ages. A week last Friday Husband made us his cottage pie and that lasted 3 days. He also cooked us a salmon dinner and then took me out for a meal - oh I haven't told you: I sent my fish back! More of that in a minute. Then we stayed with Elder Son and Daughter-in-law and were well-fed before returning to an omelette on Saturday and beans on toast yesterday. And tonight's it's salad and smoked mackerel after circuit training.

But all that will end with a bang tomorrow when I make a birthday cake and bolognese for 30. But then we're off to Devon again; I shall be forgetting how to cook.

So, the fish. It was meant to be simple beer-battered fish and it looked fine but when I brought a forkful to my mouth it smelled slightly of ammonia. It tasted okay and I ate a few mouthfuls but was put off by the smell each time. Even Husband who is olfactorily-challenged could smell it. So we sent it back and I had beef casserole instead. And the waitress took it away before I'd eaten many of the chips.

I can remember two other occasions when I've sent food back and it was fish each time. Either my nose is too sensitive or the fishermen are out to get me.


Furtheron said...

I remember Mrs F sending back fish in a place in Brighton as it was stone cold inside... the one they brought her back had been heated up with a blowlamp I think given from the other side of the table I sense the heat coming off of it!

Liz said...

And you have to be careful with fish. I hope she sent it back again!