Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Should have stayed in bed

So I put the oven on to heat up while I prepared the cake. Soon a familiar smell wafted from it. Yes, the meatballs were still in there.

Too late i.e. they were too warm, to risk getting food poisoning so I'm having to cook them now and we'll have them reheated for dinner tonight. I am beginning to wish I'd never bought these flipping meatballs.

'Should you cook sponge cake the same time as meatballs?' Husband asked. 'Won't the cake taste of the meat sauce?'
'I don't bleeping care if it does.'

And I dropped an egg that splattered all over the floor. I should not have got up this week. It's bad even by my standards.

And it just got worse: I took the sponge cakes out of the oven.
Trust me when I tell you I am renowned for my cake-making!


katney said...

There's days like that. And sometimes they just have to come in a row. But consider what you have accomplished recently.

CherryPie said...


nick said...

I've consulted your horoscope and it says that next week will definitely be much better. You'll meet a tall, dark, handsome man, come into a lot of money, and travel to an exotic location. Well, that's what it says here.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, Lix, it happens to us all sometimes in the kitchen! Yes, you are a great cake-maker.