Sunday, March 04, 2012

Our big almost-English boy

GrandSon1 is 8 months old today! How quickly the time has gone and how he has grown.

We saw him about a month ago but he's changed loads since then. He's crawling for a start, and climbing and trying to pull himself up. And he loves his food, and he's sleeping much better. He's just about perfect in fact.

But even his face seems to have changed since we saw him. He's begun the process of going from baby to toddler and is absolutely delicious. 

The only problem is ... he cries when he sees his granny! 

By the time we left he was laughing and reasonably happy to be near me (as long as mum or dad were close at hand) but I couldn't have any cuddles ...

The only solution seems to be that we must go and visit more often!


katney said...

That is the only solution,Liz. For the time being, anyway. We have distance grandchildren, too, and when they are that age you are a stranger at first every time, even if it's only been a month. A couple of years and you won't be able to get them off you when you visit.

Leslie: said...

It seems that babies can "take strange" around that age. I think they know their Mum and Dad and a few others who are close, but yes I agree you must visit more often so he gets to know you better.

Liz said...

I know it'll pass, katney and leslie, but I hope it hurries!