Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not just babies

I've just noticed how many of my recent posts have been baby-centred. Inevitable when it's been the central thing on my mind. But I'm sure I've lots to tell you about like our visit to Paignton Zoo on Saturday. It's where FiancĂ©e works and Younger Son met us there and - in sometimes pouring rain - we wandered around. Unfortunately we weren't the only ones who disliked the rain: lots of the animals were in hiding or, like this wise little creature enjoying the benefit of a sun lamp.
One animal that was being pampered was this 4 day old giraffe. Note how he already is taller than his keeper.
All the lemurs - I think that's what they were anyway - were sheltering while I did my impression of Indiana Jones on the wobbly rope bridge. (Okay, it wasn't that wobbly but I was still impressed with my bravery.)
Back home in the warm GrandDaughter finds a comfy spot to sit and read.

This is a rotten photo but if you look carefully you'll see that this little blackbird has white stripes in its tail. He was a regular visitor to the garden and especially enjoyed the left-over jam tarts. (The only reason they were left over was that Daughter had had several mad baking sprees with the idea that she'd have some cake to offer visitors who came to see the new baby. But because Baby was so late we ate them all - or as much as we could.)

We did lots of other things too, like going to the museum, feeding the ducks, visiting Exeter quay, loads of walks and even more essential visits to tea-shops, and, of course, we celebrated Daughter's birthday with this chocolate cheesecake, which was totally yummy.
And Baby chose a non-rugby international weekend to be born showing an innate sense of timing. (Wales, played 2 won 2. Yay! Grand Slam on maybe?)


nick said...

What a very ingenious seat granddaughter has found. And funnily enough the dog looks just as comfortable as she does.

Rose said...

Will have to come back to read this post later, but I love the photo of Granddaughter on George:) Sophie is often a "pillow" for our grands. George and Sophie may be escape artists and get into other kinds of mischief, but when it comes to kids, I wouldn't have any other dog around!