Monday, February 06, 2012

Forget the hot water - where's the coconut?

So Daughter is scrubbing the kitchen floor when Son-in-law phones. He says she shouldn't be working but should be resting so Daughter takes a book to bed with her. (GrandDaughter is napping at this time.) Leaving Granny to look at a half-scrubbed floor.

Ah well, I should have been at circuits tonight so I've made up for that by doing my exercise on my knees.

While on my knees I think about the snow that has fallen in other parts of the country. We only had a slight flurry here but I start wondering what would happen if we got snowed in and Daughter went into labour and the midwife couldn't get here and I had to deliver the baby and that's okay until it comes out and the cord is around its neck. So I know I'd have to clamp the cord and cut it but what would I clamp it with? Daughter suggests a food bag tie and I picture myself in the kitchen panicking and saying, 'Which will keep best without a tie on: coconut or caster sugar?' Or even worse, cutting the cord and fainting at the sight of blood.

This is what happens when an expectant grandmother with an over-active imagination watches 'Call the Midwife.' I think I'd better pray that it doesn't snow.


Furtheron said...

Calm down! It'll all be fine - I don't think there is snow forecast.

That midwife thing was filmed near us, a lot of the outside scenes were filmed in the old dockyard where generations of my family worked up until Mrs Thatcher decided 10,000 people would be better scratching around for jobs in B&Q and Tescos rather than building warships to defend Queen & Country. A friend of ours was an extra in it but I've not picked him out at all yet.

nick said...

As long as you don't get into the kitchen, fancy doing a bit of cooking and forget the baby altogether....

NitWit1 said...

Oh My by the time I experienced your anxiety, my blood pressure went. Like they say here, Take a deep breath and relax.