Wednesday, February 22, 2012

April showers

April came into the kitchen at Zac's last evening and said, 'I've just been accused of being a smack'ead!'
'Oh dear.'
'I told 'im,' she said indignantly. 'I was a smack'ead and I enjoyed every day of it but you're an alcoholic. Just cos you can get yours in shops and garages, it don't make no difference.'
Go, April!
She's only a dwt but she can fight her corner. She says her partner picks her up and carries her away from situations sometimes because he can see what's coming in her eyes. I say that must be annoying. 'Oh, it is,' she laughs.

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Furtheron said...

You know I still find that attitude with a few recovering drunks - some of them seem to look down from the gutter frankly on addicts - very odd given their own addiction