Saturday, January 28, 2012

Judge a book by its cover

After getting up with the intention of being dynamic and starting to move furniture back into decorated rooms, I've just spent the last hour browsing book covers on Amazon's Kindle site.

Thank you all for your comments. I understand now that when you read an ebook you see the title in black and white but by then you'll have bought it so it doesn't matter. If I want to attract readers who don't already know me and are buying it just to be nice and make me feel good, then the cover is important.

I've come to the conclusion that you can tell a lot about a book by its cover. (Has somebody said that before?) Some are obviously 'home-made' - but that isn't necessarily bad - and some you wouldn't touch with a barge-pole. The title needs to be big and clear unless you're a famous author in which case your name will take centre stage.

So, of my three choices, I am discarding number 2 because it looks unprofessional. I still like number 1 but I'm not sure it's eye-catching enough. So I'm coming down in favour of number 3.

Yes, I know it's very girly but my audience will be primarily female. Also it needs to fit into an Amazon genre and Romantic Fiction comes closest even though it isn't first and foremost a romance. It's not family saga and it's not literary fiction.

It's in diary form and covers a year in the heroine's life. I did toss around some page from a diary idea and might still have a go at that before finalising the cover.

But now I really ought to go and shift a sofa.


MaryB said...

I agree, number 3, though I'm trying to imagine it with a different title. It will be eye-catching as a thumbnail. Love the colors, an appropriate fit for the genre.

Actually, a close favorite was number 2 because it *does* look like a bold, hand-drawn doodle - something you might sketch out while talking on the phone or day-dreaming. Doesn't look unprofessional to me.

Haven't read responses from your previous post because I didn't want to be influenced (and I chose #3 before I read this post). I love, love, love that you're doing this, Liz! Can't wait to zap it to my Kindle!

katney said...

Well, I intend to buy it because I know it will be good. The fact that I know you just brings it to my attention, so I guess attracting those who don't know you is a major factor of the cover. Once we have read it, though, you can ask for testimonials.

I've just started reading another friend's e-book, which your blog reminded me that now that I have a kindle I could easily access. Her protagonist is about to discover that he has traveled back in time. I will take my kindle to the cattle drive today. (I know, what an incongruous statement, but should be clear later next week.)

Waiting for yours for future cattle drives or long waits at the doctors.

BanksyBoy said...

Blokey view coming up...!

Number one is actually very you, which means it has extra value. It's true 3 is mainly better from a professional design perspective and one big win on it is that the author's name is very clear... oh, so important!

Hope that doesn't confuse the author?!

Bestest, PBx

Ole Phat Stu said...

This is not meant to be condescending; I'd just like to point you and you estemed blogreaders, Liz, to ISBN 0470530707 "Writing fiction for dummies", which covers a variety of genres and - I found - contained some useful tips :-)