Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm free!

My optician was called Mr Humphreys. It was so hard to resist the urge, when shown into his room, to say, 'Are you free, Mr Humphreys?'

Is it me or does everyone feel as if they're back in school when they go for an eye test?

The pressure is on to get the right answers. It's fine when he responds, 'Good,' but then the inevitable moment comes when you have to say which circle is the darker and it's, 'um, um, the right one? Maybe?' and he says doubtfully, 'Okaaay.' Then puts different glasses on you to test if you're lying to him.
But I was doing okay until he brought up on the computer screen the pictures they'd taken of the back of my eye.  He could have just said, 'Fine,' but no, he felt the need to explain it all to me.' This dark spot is where the front of the eye is and this is an artery and this a vein.' Far too much information for a woman of tender sensibilities. Get me out of here!

But I'm pleased to report that my eyes are fine - or at least they haven't deteriorated any more since the last test. At least not enough to warrant new glasses. 

And the receptionist, when I paid, pointed out that I had £28 worth of Boots points on my loyalty card. 'You should treat yourself,' she said.
I didn't like to say that I had never managed to work out how to exchange points.
That and I'm a serial point collector. I have thousands of Sainsburys points that Daughter keeps telling me I should spend. 


Furtheron said...

I had to move to varifocals when I last went - I wasn't sure, as you know I'm not exactly steady on my feet at the best of times and I heard several horror stories about people unable to walk, falling downstairs etc. I've not had a problem at all and they are definitely better - I don't have to keep taking them on and off like the old pair.

Re using points...

Boots ones you just use them at the till when you buy something that is less than the total - I believe so, Mrs F has one.

Sainsbury you can go online and order things like Amazon vouchers - when I used to be stuffing £70 a week into my tank I often used to get them for the family to use up. You need your card number and an email address to register.

katney said...

I finally have my new glasses sorted--I think. Of course, I look over them instead of through them when going down stairs.

Leslie: said...

Glad your eyes are fine. I'm terrible at spending points for fear I'll spend them and then something better will come available and I won't have any points left. :(

Ole Phat Stu said...

Boots' points?

Stilettos or Winklepickers?

nick said...

Having worn glasses since I was 17, I'm looking forward to the day when all sight defects can be treated by minor surgery and I don't need something stuck on my nose all day. Though at my age, I don't think I'll live to see it.

Liz said...

I thought you could only use the Boots ones to buy certain things, furtheron. I must check it out.

I keep mine on the end of my nose or on my head otherwise i get dizzy when walking, katney.

That is the same as me, leslie! I keep saving them for ... something!

Ha ha, stu.

I don't like the idea of lasers pointed at my eyes though, nick.