Thursday, January 26, 2012

Going crazy

As I said, I've been working on a cover for my novel. After spending a lot of time on it yesterday - and giving up temporarily because I couldn't understand the software - I finally got round to reading some 'How to ...' advice on publishing ebooks.

One point they all stress is the importance of the cover. And the fact that it has to look good as a thumbnail. Which sort of rules out the subtle cover I'd been working on. Back to the drawing board. Or drawing bed in my case.

I lay there contemplating covers and came up with the 'perfect' design for my book, so I got up this morning all keen and enthused and bursting with excitement - only to be thwarted at every turn by the intricacies of vectors, file formats, programs that stop working at the drop of a pencil and remembering an article I'm supposed to have written by yesterday.

Article is written now, I've had lunch and I have the next 3 hours to 'be creative'. How long before I'm tearing out my grey-at-the-roots hair? (Note to self: must go to hairdresser soon.)

I'm off to a networking event this evening on behalf of Zac's. The good thing is we get fed; the bad thing is I have to talk to strange people. But it's about Zac's so I can manage that I'm sure. Ric's coming with me. He wasn't originally but I'm glad he is as, if I get The Call, he can stand in for me. When I told him that he said, 'At the dinner or delivering the baby?'
I laughed but apparently, in another life, delivering babies was second nature to him. Hm, maybe I should bear that in mind.

Now to stop procrastinating and get back to book covers. Wish me luck.

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