Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thinking about funerals ...

and what people would say. The good thing is that people are always nice at funerals, at least about the deceased. Fortunately it wasn't until this morning that I remembered that Chris and I had, after one particularly 'gooder than Jesus' funeral, resolved to tell the truth at our funerals - whoever went first obviously.

I imagine Chris would mention the time I wiped the Linden computer. Completely. Totally.

In spite of the computer's protestations.
'Are you sure you want to delete?'
Are you absolutely sure?'
'Yes, I just told you I did; now do it.'
A pause then 'Just let me be clear: you definitely want me to delete this information?'
'YES! Now do it!'

And afterwards, Chris saying, 'Well, we can reload the programs and I assume you kept back-ups of your files.'
'You did keep back-ups?'
'Well, I will do in future!'


katney said...
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Ole Phat Stu said...

My two favourite computer safety checks date from the early days of Unix :-

"Do NOT delete all files (yes/no)?"
I got so scared I pulled the plug!

"System shutting down. Continue (yes/no)?"
Does that mean with or without the shutdown?

katney said...

Shorter happier comment.

Pay attention to further warnings--every one.

I suppose that should also mean read the User Agreement. Sigh.