Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonderful weekend

We gathered this weekend to celebrate GrandDaughter's 2nd birthday (which isn't for a few days yet).With the camera set to take a photo automatically this was the best we could manage with the dogs who were co-operating even less than GrandDaughter! (Notice Daughter's and GrandDaughter's matching Christmas jumpers, knitted by Nanna - definitely not me who can't knit for toffee!)It was wonderful to have everyone here together although I fear Younger Son and Fiancée could have got fed up of baby eating, sleeping and poo-ing discussions.

Now the only problem is that someone has to eat all the leftover party food ...

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Furtheron said...

You are blessed with an extraordinary and lovely family Liz - hmm the word veri is Fripp - this photo wasn't near Wimborne was it? If so I'll have to reconsider mr Fripp's conjecture on the centre of the universe again!