Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pub grub

I met a friend in a pub today. One of those pubs that does food. Like burgers and chips and treacle pudding and custard. I sat and sniffed the air, drooled over the photos in the menu and dribbled on people's shoulders.

Then I came home for parsnip soup.

Very nice parsnip soup but ...

But then I'm the woman who gets excited about meals on planes and going to a service station.

We very rarely stop at service stations unless it's an exceptionally long journey; Husband likes to get where we're going. But yesterday he needed to stretch (explained in next post) so we pulled into Strensham (where I am overtaken by the uncontrollable urge to say, 'Strensham, spelled S-t-r-e-n-s-h-a-m, which only old listeners of Radio Luxemburg will understand - possibly).

I was quite overcome. 'Oh we could have a McDonalds! Or fish and chips or prawn mayonnaise sandwiches or toasted ciabatta or reggae reggae chicken melt or ...'

We settled for muffins. Sticky toffee pudding muffin and latte for Husband and raspberry and white chocolate muffin and fresh orange juice for me.

Of course calories don't count when you're travelling.


katney said...

Of course, they don't.

But then, why is it they say travel is broadening?

Oh, yeah, it broadens the MIND!

Leslie: said...

Of course they don't count when travelling! That's why I'll probably gain an entire stone when I come over your way - how can one resist toffee pudding or raspberry/white chocolate scones! Love Katney's thought - travelling broadens the WHAT??? LOL

Furtheron said...

I discovered the sticky toffee muffins recently at Bluewater... I sent a txt to my son saying... "Sticky Toffee Pudding Muffins!!! WIN!! :-)"

How sad is that that I text my son about a new muffin range in Costa!

a little tip when travelling - if you are an AA member (Automobile Association not Alcoholics Anonymous) you get 20% off in all Moto service stations.

Liz said...

Quite right, katney.

Loking forward to your visit already, leslie.

Not at all sad, furtheron. These are things that should be shared. We're in CSMA not AA (of either kind).