Monday, August 15, 2011

A good day at the office

I had quite a good day in work today. In spite of spending it working on the church website, a task that normally sends me home grumpy and frustrated.

I've been trying to set up a new online donation system having refused to have anything else to do with PayPal after the last fiasco. It sounded very simple when the girl explained it to me over the phone; it wasn't quite so easy when it came to the actual doing. Mainly because the documentation was created for people who understand.

Rather like the documentation that is available for Joomla, the free website creation software that we use. Developed by geeks for geeks. With manuals to match.

But I have now managed to get the donation button onto the Linden website! Ta dah! Of course it doesn't actually take you anywhere ...

But I'll get there. One day. Maybe.


Suburbia said...

That made me smile!

Leslie: said...

Oh good for you! I wish I could learn more things about websites, etc.

Furtheron said...

It is simple... it is a fact of life that once into some competitive advantage a group will try to maintain that for themselves - I'm sure Darwin would have thought of all this stuff. So the geeks create something, then they realise that it isn't that hard but that means anyone could do it and you don't need to pay a geek... so keep creating more geeky stuff and "improving" it so that they still need the geeks... and the piece de la resistance you write anything for normal humans in a bunch of acronym and buzzword filled balloony so that you need to continue to pay the geeks ...


That's £750 please for my extensive user to technical team liaison/negotiation skills thank you ;-)

Funny - just to finish and saw the word veri... sceptall... indeed! :-)