Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy anniversary ... to me

Today Husband and I celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary and what do you know? I'm on my own.

'Twas ever thus.

Regular long-time readers of this blog may recall our 30th anniversary when Husband was off enjoying himself on a works' jolly. That followed our 25th anniversary, similarly spent by Husband enjoying himself without me. Ah well, we were nearly together all day for this one. And at least he's not off enjoying himself.

Husband collected Father-in-law from Derby yesterday to bring him to stay for a few days as both Sisters-in-law who live close to Pop had gone on holiday. So far so good ... until this afternoon when Pop got very weepy and said he wanted to go home. We thought after a nap he may feel better but he didn't. So Husband is currently driving him back to Derby.

It was probably a bit soon after Mother-in-law's death to bring him away from familiar surroundings and we wouldn't have suggested it if the circumstances had been different.

It's so hard. What can you say to an 85-year-old who feels life isn't worth living?


CherryPie said...

Happy Anniversary :-)

I am sorry you have had a difficult day. Perhaps you can do something special together tomorrow instead.

Leslie: said...

So sorry for hubby's father mourned my mother for 5 years until the Lord said okay, it's your turn. Men don't usually last too long if their wives go before they do and they're already elderly. But you both tried and showed him your love and devotion and that's all you can do. Have a good day and you can always celebrate your anniversary tomorrow.

Rose said...

This is so difficult, and I'm so sorry for your father-in-law. I'm sure he does feel lost. I often worry what would happen to my Dad if my mother went before him; I think we'd be in the same situation.

Happy Anniversary, Liz, and I hope you get to celebrate another day.

NitWit1 said...

Very Happy Anniversary and many more. SO sorry husband needs to take care for father but that is life and you are probably right.

I try to treasure everyday as next anniversary may not come my way.

Furtheron said...

It must be so hard for your husbands Dad. Tough tough times. My Dad died quiet young in 1984 - my Mum lived on until 2006. Anyway - about a year after Dad's death, just after we'd got married my Mum said "Just pray you're the first to go"... as I say she lasted another 20 odd years, my Nan was over 40 years after the early loss of my Granddad - death is easy for those that die... it's hard on the living though

My sister and her husband are celebrating 31 years today... he has taken his first day off this year (he works for himself so you know how it is) and they are having fish n chips on a beach somewhere... which is so them!

Liz said...

Thanks all.

WE don't really celebrate our anniversary much, cherrypie - which is just as well!

I hate to see old men shopping on their own in Sainsburys, leslie; it always seem more pathetic.

I think he just wants to be left at the moment to get on with it himself, rose. he's fed up of people fussing but it's difficult for his children not to.

I'm sure you'll enjoy many more anniversaries, nitwit.

I think some men can deal with it better than others, furtheron, not necessarily because the marriage was any less good but just because of a person's outlook on life.