Thursday, June 02, 2011

Forgot the photies

It's Lisa's 21st birthday on Saturday so we had a celebratory cake in Zac's. She's an artist - one of those whose work was on display in the exhibition (picture of her bowls in earlier post) - so I made a tribute bowl. This is the cake before it left the house.
And being admired by Mad Dog when the bowl had gone all soggy and was collapsing.
Younger Son has had a new tattoo to celebrate the end of his degree course. It says something like, 'What you do today resonates through eternity,' which is vaguely the message of the book of Ruth: we might all be little and seem insignificant but what we do, how we treat others, is part of our story which in turn is part of the bigger picture.
The simple love story of Ruth and Boaz may seem out of place in the bible in amongst prophets, wars, kings and major events, but they became the great-grandparents of David from whose line Christ came. Little things resonating through eternity.


Leslie: said...

D2 would LOVE that tattoo!

nick said...

Your translation's not quite correct, Liz. The tattoo says "What we do in life resonates in (or through) eternity. Today would be oggi. Glad to see it's all spelt correctly!

Liz said...

It#s quite impressive, leslie.

That's what comes of having an Italian girlfriend, nick! I thought I'd remembered it not quite rightly.

CherryPie said...

I am not a big fan of tattoos, but I do love the message :-)