Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Four fingers? Seriously?

I had a very successful shopping trip this morning! (Not something I say very often.)

Now I've lost weight all my clothes are too big for me which is great except ... all my clothes are too big for me. So today I bought denim shorts and 2 t-shirts - stripey ones that I've always had to avoid before but can get away with now. The only disappointment was that all the lovely swimwear I saw in M&S a few weeks ago but could never be bothered to try on has gone and all that's left is boring.

And I was resolute in keeping my eyes averted from the baby section: each time I've tried before to buy new clothes I've ended up with nothing but baby stuff.

AND Cadburys Fingers were Buy One Get One Free. I put down the first packets I picked up and continued shopping but, well, they must have snook back into my basket somehow. But it's all right because on the packet it says a serving is only 120 calories. Whether their idea of a serving is the same as mine i.e. a whole box in one go, is doubtful, but they should be more specific.

Husband has pointed out the small print. A serving is 4 Fingers. 4? Seriously? Who stops at 4?


katney said...

Swimsuits are a major item with us in the last couple of years as we do water aerobics four times a week (barring vacations to the UK, doctor appointments, and meetings to decorate the church for Easter, etc.) When you are in the pool that often, they tend to wear out--actually mostly stretch out. (Well, hubby's actually fade out--his once blue Hawaiian flowers are now pink.) We thought Arizona in November would be a good place to gather a replacement, but there was little but bikinis. In Arizona they "think" it is cold in November, so it is just as off season as it is farther north.

Lately the swimsuits have come in at our local WalMart. The pool is full of sets of twins, as the selection is limited.

jams o donnell said...

A four finger serving! Who for? an anorexic beetle?

CherryPie said...

I could stop at that serving ;-)

Liz said...

I can't believe they've sold all the swimsuits, katney, so they must just have changed their stock, which is plain silly.

Absolutely, jams!

My idea or their idea of a serving, cherrypie?!

mrsnesbitt said...

I have to buy some new clothes - trouble is this means a major journry! By the time I get there I have lost the will to live! BUT...it has to be done!

Furtheron said...

4 fingers! Well 2 fingers to that idea from me ;-)

Word veri yelable Haha

Laura said...

Hi there, Futheron told me about your blog and I thought I'd pop in and say hi!

I lost a lot of weight last year as well and I must say, the best part about it has been buying new clothes!
Last summer, I even donned a bikini and I haven't done that since I was probably in my early 20's (like... 5 years ago *wink*)

So congrats on the loss and there is no way I could ever stop at 4 of anything that says Cadbury on it.