Monday, May 30, 2011

Change of plans

I found out that the reason I couldn't get into the art exhibition was that I'd gone to the wrong place. I tried again and this time success!

It confirmed what I thought: I just don't 'get' art.

I went because two of the young people who come along to Zac's have been doing the foundation art course and this was their end of year exhibition.

This is Lisa's exhibit:
And this is Kallan's:


Leslie: said...

I'm afraid I don't get "that" kind of art, either. The dishes look lovely but lots of women display their things like that. I do like the trio of art, though.

Anonymous said...

Me too; I have had an artist friend try to explain 'minimalism' ( a subset of abstract art) to me. No way I get it! But I can do stuff myself which she counts as minimalism (in e.g. the style of Helena af Klint). It's still garbage!

nick said...

Sure, you get art, just not that particular type. Appreciating contemporary art isn't compulsory. Nothing wrong with Constable or Michelangelo.