Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shoe shining is man's work

When I was a little girl - and a big girl - my granddad cleaned my shoes for me. When I got married I couldn't believe it when Husband refused to take on this duty.
'But it's man's work!'

So I ended up cleaning my own - and later - the children's shoes. Which meant that no-one in our family, other than Husband who gave his shoes a quick rub each day, had shiny shoes. To this day I wear dirty shoes.

But as we're going to the in-laws I thought I'd give my beloved boots a polish. (Mainly because they'd got Devonshire mud on them.) George was in the front garden so I took my pouf and shoe-shining equipment out there and sat with him in the sunshine.

Which would have been fine had not Younger Son come home and started getting his lunch. Food is always more appealing to George than my company so I was left on my own sitting on the path, polishing my boots and looking like a twit.

Speaking of George, I was watching him the other day and thinking that, really, he's a pretty good dog these days.

Apart from the escaping of course. And eating his bed. And digging up the flower tubs.


Leslie: said...

When I was a little girl, my father taught us all how to shine our shoes. Having been in the RCAF, he was a stickler for a shine and always checked our shoes to make sure they were perfect. Naturally, I developed an aversion to shining shoes! Nowadays I just make sure there's no dust or mud on them. :D

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

My grandfather did everyone's shoes every evening for school the next day and now Middle Daughter polishes Grandson's shoes for school every day , too .
( She says she feels that if he turns up looking presentable , it might make up for the fact that he talks nonstop the whole time he's there ! )