Friday, February 04, 2011

A phone call from Paypal

I had a phone call from PayPal this afternoon!

Once I'd picked myself up off the floor and answered it I found myself talking to a lady with an Irish accent. How can you be cross with an Irish accent?

She told me all the same things they'd said in their emails - you have to do this and this - but I only want to close the account - you still have to do this and this before you can close it.

I took a deep breath ... and said, 'Okay, I'll do as you say.'

I don't believe for one moment it will work. I will soon encounter the problems that have been tripping me up all the way through the last 5 months but at least I will be able to say I did all they told me.

That's before I go to the Daily Mail and say how rubbish Paypal is and how they've got £222.72 belonging to an home for AIDs orphans. No, actually, thinking about it, the Daily Mail would probably support anyone who didn't give money to AIDs orphans. It had better be the Guardian.


Gledwood said...

Yeah the Daily Mail are bastards. I love reading it!

I read The Sun. Somebody once criticized me for not reading a paper to flatter my IQ. Why should I???!?

Liz: you can be angry with any accent. You know you can!!

PS woof woofs to George. Has George ever met Welshcakes' Simi..? Or does poor Simi have to stay in Sicily..??

Leslie: said...

Oh gee, I sure hope Pay Pal works for me! I just sent $ to Denise in North Yorkshire - not much, but I hope she gets it!