Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Off to Devon soon

Didn't go to slimming class this morning as I was getting ready as we're off to Devon this afternoon. It's Daughter's birthday tomorrow and Son-in-law is taking her out to dinner tonight and then out for the day tomorrow so we're needed early.

My new 'effective life plan' has been put into action. That is, I've bought a diary and am treating it as my spare hard drive, downloading all the Things I Must Remember thus freeing up my brain to ... do other stuff. Well, that's the plan.

Everything is ticked off my list now so, as long as I didn't forget to write anything on it, I should be okay.

And as long as I remember to take my spare brain everywhere with me ...


katney said...

My list for a meeting tonight includes one item that looks like this: ____???? It came to me the other day when I did not have my list with me and I definitely remember thinking of it. It was a really good idea. Maybe between now and tonight I will remember what it is.

NitWit1 said...

Enjoy your trip with your daughter. If the list gets lost or left at home, time with family is at the top I bet.

I know you are younger than me. I start the week with a written list. The items that are not possible that day move to the next. I prioritize them with the most important at the top. It is done day by day.

I now have bronchitis with horrible continuous coughing. List is a do if I feel like it........

Enjoy your trip and time with your daughter.

Suburbia said...

Have a great time.

I must try that second brain thing, I sure need it sometimes!