Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life is a circus

I saw this card in an Oxfam shop and it really spoke to me.

On Wednesday we drive to Devon. Have I mentioned that GrandDaughter is giving proper kisses now? Or that it's a real battle not to eat her?

On Friday morning we drive from Devon to Derby to see Mother-in-law. On Friday evening we drive from Derby to London to stay with Elder Son, Daughter-in-law and Bump until we drive home on Sunday.

And we slept in our new super kingsize bed for the first time last night! It is SO big. It's wonderful. I can stretch out in all directions and not touch the edge.

And who says you can't get a double bed in a Porsche?


Gledwood said...

"my life is a circus without the tent"... does that mean she has that trapeze flying down from the sky?... how amazing is that!!

hey i found out what is wrong with me the dr told me but i cant say the word here it does my brain in its over at mine

Suburbia said...

Not touch the edge or Husband?!!!

Love that you want to eat your baby :-)

What a lot of travelling, bet you sleep well

Leslie: said...

Busy days ahead, but happy ones I hope!

I'm wondering about getting a King-sized bed, if all goes well...

CherryPie said...

That bed sounds wonderful :-)

Liz said...

Will be over soon, gleds.

Hm, potentially both, sub!

You must, leslie!

It is, cherrypie.