Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I was feeling grumpy because:

a) I'd put on weight;
b) I'd made vegetable curry for diner and Husband and Younger Son grumbled all the way through about the fact that there was no meat;
c) I'm struggling with my writing.

The last is the most serious. I'm frightened; I'm afraid that what sounds so good in my head won't be when it appears on the page. I have the story planned; I know what's going to happen but every time I sit at the computer I start to play Free Cell or I check Facebook five times or I visit blogs.

What I needed last night was a good dose of Zac's followed by two days with GrandDaughter.

See you soon!


Ole Phat Stu said...

For c) see


Furtheron said...

I'm sure the writing muse will soon return.

NitWit1 said...

I am struggling too, but in several different ways. I have a number of storylines which I store as titles so I don't forget them.

But I am playing musical chairs with computers.

I am playing musical chairs with Doctors and prescriptions. very aggravation to have a cupboard full of half used medicine, because doctors change their minds.

i am trying to read blogs, and just plain read on my Kindle with what time I seem to find.

My housekeeper is incapacitated, having her foot surgery. THIS REALLY CUTS INTO MY TIME. I have come to admire her worth however. It takes me a week to do what she does in 3 hours.

So go to Zac's and play with granddaughter. It usually inspires your stories!

nick said...

These meat-eaters make me laugh. Do they complain that ice cream has no meat in it? Or toast and marmalade? Or yogurt? So why does a vegetable curry require meat?

Suburbia said...

Oh I hope you get what you need and it all comes back to you.

I like veg curry!

katney said...

paper and pencil

Of course, that could lead one to play tic tac toe with oneself.