Sunday, January 02, 2011

A foggy day in Devon

Daughter took us to Haldon Forest. She said, 'You get a lovely view from here ...'
It's a fascinating place though. Managed by the Forestry Commission it's very people-friendly with lots of marked trails, some of which are only suitable for mountain bikes. We followed the discovery Trail, which was fine for pushchair and had all sorts of interesting structures and secret paths running alongside it. I can't wait for GrandDaughter to be old enough to explore it with. One of the more ambitious features is this Fibonacci Spiral. Husband did explain it to me but ...
And just because we haven't had a photo of baby girl for a while.


Leslie: said...

Hi Liz, just caught up with your last few posts. I notice baby's hair is lightening up to a beautiful hue! She is so sweet. I can't believe Eden will be 3 in 2 months! Where does the time fly? Glad m-i-l is doing better and that you went out for the newspaper instead of making a scene. (lol) It's been lovely and sunny but brisk cold here lately and I went out yesterday to take lots of photos - they turned out quite well, so check my FB and watch this week for ABCW. Happy New Year to you all. Hugs from Canada! :D

Oh PS: thanks for the lovely card - it arrived in one piece except for the envelope that was torn and it came on the 27th! Ah, Canada Post! lol

MaryB said...

And how precious is that darling GrandGirl? Love 'dem eyes!