Monday, January 24, 2011

And Liz is wearing

It's very difficult to find a good range of skirts in shops; has anyone else noticed this?

I battled on though. I went to Tesco's for spinach and came home with a skirt.

It's too big and too short but if I wear it on my hips it fits and it's the right length. I wore it today with my new purple tights that I bought to wear with my purple boots. (I haven't mentioned my boots for a while.)

And my new Tesco's size 10 jumper!

I may have, on the odd occasion in the dim and distant past, got into a size 10 skirt but a top, no. I am well-endowed in that region. But, rest assured, it's not that I have disappeared into thin air but rather that it's a loose-fitting baggy jumper.

Makes a girl feel good though ...


katney said...

I thought Tesco's was a grocery store.

Liz said...

It is, katney, but now the larger stores sell everything else as well.