Friday, October 22, 2010

Bits and pieces

According to a charity ezine:

A Chinese millionaire has pledged all his wealth, currently estimated at more than £280 million to charity, and is making it his mission to encourage other rich Chinese to be more giving.

Chen Guangbiao, 42, says that his two sons will have to be happy with their spiritual wealth when he dies and that he, and others in China have to be grateful to Chinese society for the economic reforms that made it possible to get rich, and to repay society by devoting energies to helping China and its people.

Mr Guangbiao is also known for flying to disaster zones to personally carry out aid work.

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Do you listen to The Blackburn Files on BBC Radio 7? It's very good. It's about a redundant miner who takes up private investigation and his trusty sidekick, Tracy. It was originally written by Ian Mcmillan, poet-in-residence for Barnsley FC, although I notice tonight's episode credited other writers as well. It's very funny and fast - in a wordy way. Tonight's episode, for example, featured the case of the potentially prize-winning chrysanthemums that go missing from an allotment.


NitWit1 said...

More Americans than will admit should bre like Chen Guangbiao.Some time ago that figure would be about 560 million, probably a tad deflated presently, but to many of us a lot of money.

Last Christmas we dispensed with the tree and all the decorations (we have no children) eacj bought ourselves on gift--no limit on ammount, and gave in a nuber of ways. This year we have already given away every ouside decoration--did not cry a tear. We'll drive around and look at others.


katney said...

Less than three weeks in the UK and we both miss British TV. We see a few shows on our public broadcasting network. Some of them get played to death and aren't as funny the 87th time you see them. Hopefully we can one day find The Blackburn Files episodes on an audio cd--or is that link to the acutal shows not jsut a website? Guess I had better check. DH always has said he would become a private detective when he retired. Thankfully, six years into retirement, he hasn't. Last week I told him if he ever did, he should not take any cases to find someone. That after he went back to where he had dropped me off for an eight mile walk instead of where I ended. He couldn't get the GPS back to our state. I was so hungry by the time he found me that I had nearly mugged a soccer mom for her candy bar.

Charity--a good thing. And will probably be good for his sons, too.

katney said...

We get Sherlock tonight on TV. I've been waiting and hoping it would make its way here. I'm excited. I didn't know where to tell you and this seemed the most likely. It wouldn't have fit in with the green shoes and beatitudes at church.