Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've not had a good week eating wise so I wasn't looking forward to today's weigh-in but I'd lost a pound and a half. It seems to happen like that: when I think I've done badly I lose weight and when I think I've done well I don't. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere, probably involving eating more chocolate.

So I set off to drive to Mumbles feeling full of myself. 'Hey, I'm slim girl!' So when a white van pulled out in front of me I yelled, 'You pillock!' Then I was so amazed at myself for shouting that I burst out laughing.

But it set my style for the morning.

Next it was, 'I'm not going to slow down any more for you stupid seagulls, so move!
Closely followed by, 'People, do you have to walk in front of just as I'm manoeuvring out of a tight parking spot?'
And rounded off with, 'Little old lady, I wouldn't have let you pull out in front of me if I'd known you were going to drive so slowly.'

(Of course, obviously, I didn't actually shout these things; I muttered them under my breath - except for the pillock.)

So don't mess with me today cos I'm on fire!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I think there is too much emphasis on the scales .. I know when I lose weight or put it on .. my clothes feel better or tighter .. might be different for others , just my opinion ... wouldn't want to cause a riot on here :-)

When I was away in France , ok I did a lot of walking,(more uphill than normal) but then I walk anyway, or cycle as I do not drive .. I drank, I ate, bread , pastries ( a few , so unusual for me) not sweet toothed.. (but I do like dark chocolate) .. I came back lighter. Only a few pounds but it wasn't my intention to lose anything.

I am always shouting out , especially to drivers, never given me enough room when I am cycling .. or in the bad weather PUT YOUR BLOODY LIGHTS ON.. it infuriates me, or when they HAVE to drive fast in WET weather and soak me. The other week at a bus stop, raining, I was fine as had umbrella , no what did they do .. drive fast, through the puddles, I ended up soaked .. Oh I can shout!

Anonymous said...

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