Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunter gatherer and her dog

George and I have just been blackberrying. I've been going blackberrying ever since I was a wee girl so you'd think I'd know that shorts and thin-soled trainers didn't make good clothes for foraging in brambles. You'd think.

I say George and I were blackberrying but George wasn't a lot of help. Especially not after I made the mistake of giving him a blackberry to eat. 'You mean I can eat those black things? Mmm, and they taste good too.' It became a battle after that to get to the fat juicy ones before he did.


Leslie: said...

Didn't his nose get nicked foraging in amongst those thorns??

Rose said...

Well, at least George has good taste. Sophie has been eating the over-ripe cucumbers I've picked as well as the rotten tomatoes I throw out of the garden:)

By the way, you looked stunning in your purple gown! And I'm glad you didn't have to pack it into a tent:)