Monday, June 28, 2010

Macca at the Millennium

Did I mention that I was going to see Paul McCartney last Saturday?

He was in the Millennium Stadium at one of four gigs in the UK. He was supported by the Manic Street Preachers (I understand they're famous but didn't know any of their songs) and another band (but we missed them).

Paul came on stage at 7.30 and left at 10.30. Not bad for an old man! And we didn't see him take a single drink during that time. Janet and I were swigging back our water and we were still hoarse at the end with all the singing we were doing.

He was brill. Looking a little older about the jowls but he's lost none of his charisma. Playing a mix of Beatles', Wings' and later songs, he had the audience on its feet joining in with the oldies.

It's the third time I've seen Paul McCartney.

The first was in the Hay Festival when he read from his then newly-published book of poetry. It wasn't the best poetry but he deserved the standing ovation for all the pleasure his music has brought to so many thousands of us. Daughter and I went along to the Festival not having tickets and we hovered around the box office in the desperate hope that some would be returned at the last minute. And they were! Poor man handing them over must have wondered who these manic women were, leaping on him and showering him with kisses of gratitude.

The next time was in Earl's Court for a concert, and then there was last Saturday.

My cousin went to see the Beatles play but I was considered too young (although I was only 6 months younger than her!) so the closest I've ever got to hearing them is Paul with his band. The next best thing.

Oh and when I was in university I missed Wings.

They were doing an impromptu concert tour of universities and other venues, turning up on the day and playing. When the announcement came over the tannoy that Wings were appearing that evening, I'd already left for the afternoon and didn't have a phone so couldn't be contacted. That was one of the biggest regrets of my life.

(As you can see my life must have been pretty good if that's my biggest regret!)


Leslie: said...

You're so lucky! I saw Tom Jones twice - once at the Pacific National Exhibition and once at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. Man! does he have CHARISMA!!! But then, don't all Welshmen? lol

Furtheron said...

Never seen him live.... actually I know this is heresy to say but I've never really got the Beatles thing - yes a lot of good stuff but a lot of stuff I don't like at all as well. In fact no Beatles at all in my collection... or Oasis come to that. However you can't ignore that they did change music for ever - the singer songwriter group and with the huge sales that came with them.

My Mum loved them and I can't deny playing her singles of them when I was a kid but I was just behind them if you see what I mean - they disbanded when I was 7 and I was soon into Hendrix and then Supertramp, Yes, Rush etc. Biggest regret for not seeing was Supertramp but this year we are going in October to see them... sadly not a "classic line up" reunion but given this is no doubt the last chance I'm glad we are going.

Liz said...

Of course, leslie!

And I thought you were a good man, furtheron. You are off my Christmas card list now!