Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Friendliest? Moi?

Yesterday it was Rhossili's turn; today it's my city's.

Dylan's 'ugly lovely town', Swansea has been named the Friendliest City in Wales and 2nd Friendliest in the UK. (York came top.)

A bit of a change from previous titles when it's been Fattest, Dirtiest, etc etc.

So now you know you must come and visit me!


Furtheron said...

I like York ... er never been to Swansea so can't comment.

jams o donnell said...

It's been decades since I spent time in Swansea and that was to do a zoology field trip on the Gower... which involved getting cut off on mumbles and out teacher getting us to wade back to shore... Getting stuck to my knees in mud at Burry Inlet...

Gledwood said...

Carmarthen got unofficially named bleakest and greyest by Lonely Planet.

Which says so very much about the Lonely Planet "I'm ecologically aware so I can go stare at natives with a clear conscience" brand of tourism... which also claimed Rabat in Morocco was barely worth visiting, when I spent several days there (in someone's house we met on the train) and had an amazing time...

But hey it's great to win something for a change!!

I hope you had a cheery trip round the dog's leg

or the open jaw. Whatever they call the shape between Devon and S Wales.

O yeah: a V


Gledwood said...

O dur. Have you even gone to Devon yet? Are you there now. You are.

Hope George is having fun on the beach/moor/back garden

NitWit1 said...

Sounds like congratulatory remarks are appropriate, especially in light of the past derogatory attributes.

Leslie: said...

On my way...soon! lol

James Higham said...

City of culture?

Gledwood said...

I've got another epithet for Swansea:

least plain-speaking town in the UK

o dur!

sorry, that's not Swansea, that's



katney said...

How about the first week of August?

Or should I go to York, instead?

Liz said...

I've never been to York, furtheron, but have always wanted to go. Now I really must.

I've done the losing a welly in Burry inlet too, jams!

They are very Welsh in Carmarthen, gleds, and can easily make a visitor feel unwelcome. And George had great fun playing with his English cousin, Holly Dog.

THank you, nitwit.

Looking forward, leslie.

I don't think so, james. It was City of literature a number of years ago.

Mumbles is my birth place and home, gleds!

We'll be especially welcoming in the first week of August, katney!