Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They said yes!

At the end of February Husband received an email saying there was to be another voluntary redundancy scheme in work. He sat down, did his sums and decided we could afford it so he applied.

A few weeks went by before he heard from his boss that senior management had, after much arguing and with much reluctance, agreed to pass his application on to the relevant people.

Last Friday he had the email saying he'd got it. Yay!

After working away a lot over the years, he's spent the last year working from home. He hasn't been enjoying work for some time and has been longing to retire and enjoy himself in the garden. And he was 60 last December. If his application had been refused he would have been one disgruntled employee; as it is he is a very happy Easter bunny.

Officially he finishes at the end of April but he has this week off and isn't planning on doing much between now and then. He is absolutely delighted.

Me, I'm a little ambivalent. I'm thrilled for him and having him at home won't be strange as he's been constantly on the premises for the last 12 months. I am a bit concerned because ever since he applied he's been saying, 'You won't be able to do/buy/enjoy that: it's too expensive!' But we'll cope.

No, the real reason for my uncertainty is the larger step it means. The change from employed to retired and all that implies. Getting old I suppose.

But my Lenten thanks 42, for yesterday, is for Husband's coming retirement.


Furtheron said...

Good news - you'll soon wonder how you managed to fit his work in! :-)

Sadly I'm not at the point to "retire" so I'll need to get a new job soon.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That is good news for your husband. As you say won't be strange having him home as he has been working from home for a while.

My husband is a long way off retiring..but I am sure it will come round quicker than we think. I did say to him to give me plenty of warning.. :-)

Dragonstar said...

Great news Liz! Husband will enjoy life so much more now retirement has come at a time of his choosing. And obviously, if he's happy you'll all be happy. All the very best for the start of the new phase of your lives.

Anonymous said...

He can get a camera and start a blog.

Congrats - enjoy.

nick said...

As someone of similar age who's been jobless for 18 months, I would advise hubby either to find another part-time job that he enjoys, or to find some rewarding leisure pursuit. Pottering about the house is okay for a while but it just ain't enough stimulation if you're still fit and healthy.

Leslie: said...

As Nick says plus he just might start you thinking about getting a full-time job to escape him! lol