Saturday, March 20, 2010

That was my day

I had a funny sort of day yesterday.

Betty's right indicators aren't working again so I've had to resort to the old hand signals. On my way to work I had to turn right off a road. I slowed down, merrily sticking out my arm in the rain. The bus coming from the other direction stopped next to me, the driver wound down his window and said, 'Yes?'
'Ooh,' I whimpered. 'I'm only signalling to turn right.'
The driver laughed.
'But thank you,' I said.

Now I'm scared of signalling in case someone less understanding stops so I'm back on the 'planning my route to only turn left' routine.

Then I closed Betty's door on my toe.

I told Steve when he phoned. He said, 'I've never heard of anyone doing that.' I'm sure it's not that unusual: things like that happen to me all the time.


CalumCarr said...

Liz, you are one of a kind!

Leslie: said...

Hope your toe is feeling a wee bit better today. :)

Furtheron said...

Liz ... I love that you have a new Mini - a car many would love to own and that has all the gadgets on it... I mean it can almost drive itself no doubt but you still drive Betty with all her idiosyncrasies - that says so much about you

Lia said...

I swear I do not know how you trap your toe in a car door.
Only you Liz, only you !!!!!
Hope you are better soon.

much love