Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lenten thanks 32

It's got to be rugby, the game, the passion, the spirit. It's not like football where supporters of opposing teams are separated - just as well too as we were with Younger Son and Girlfriend who happens to be Italian. It would have been terrible if she'd had to sit in a different part of the Millennium Stadium!As it was we found ourselves in a section that was mostly Italian. Except for the loud-mouthed Welsh morons behind us. I suppose in a crowd of seventy-odd thousand there are bound to be some but it was, as Younger Son said, enough to make you support Italy.

I'm not sure why this contingency of Italian supporters was in bathrobes ...
This is James Hook just about to score a try. Excuse the blur: it's hard to keep a camera still when you're jumping up and down.
Wales won the game but really the best bit of the afternoon was probably the singing of Bread of Heaven.

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Furtheron said...

yes the one thing that struck me however about this game was a very startling fact for me... there was a player on the pitch - an international rugby player no less that was younger than my son! God I feel old.