Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Don't leave home without it

Husband said, 'You should have enough fuel to get to Daughter's. At least you should make it to the end of the motorway.'

I'd just come over the bridge and the first sign I saw said Exeter 71 miles; Minni said I had enough fuel to do 68. Don't panic!

Next sign said Exeter 64 miles; Minni was saying I could do 70. Hey, I'm making petrol again. (Yes, Husband, I know: diesel!)

By the next sign we'd evened out and both sign and Minni said 49 miles.

We were two junctions off leaving the motorway and within the space of 1 minute Minni's 'number of miles you can do' gauge dropped from 21 to 13. And as I was approaching the last but one junction we were back up to 19.

Now I knew it wasn't 19 miles to the next junction, where I'd leave and go straight to Tesco's petrol station, but the way Minni's gauge had been going, should I cut my losses and get off early and try and find another garage?

Should I? Should I? Shoul ... oops, too late.

Well, we made it to Tesco's with a few miles to spare but I'm never leaving home without filling up first again!


Furtheron said...

Never trust those things. I never let mine get much beneath 100 as it has a habit of going... 100, 99, 98, 70, 30.... panic! I did it this morning - forgot to fill up before the journey to work, both the stations enroute wanted £1.16 a litre! So I nursed it via the cruise control all 42 miles to the one next to work where I knew it was only £1.12. Was that thrifty or tight?

sally in norfolk said...

I would have been in a state of panic :-( glad it turned out ok

Lia said...

I never trust what mine says, plus I am always worried that I will get stuck in traffic on the M25 "car-park" as you can't get to any other part of the country without hitting the M25 nightmare and I have been stuck on that for 6hours while they cleared up a crash once. So I always fill up my tank when going on a trip.
I am sure your husband is chortling to himself about your panic and will be saying "I knew you had enough" but it's not helpful when you are in the middle of it.Glad you got there.
Much Love