Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On The Edge

Sean chatted with The Edge at the U2 gig in Cardiff recently. That set me thinking which famous people I had met. The only one that sprang to mind was Boyd Clack. (Yes, I know you've never heard of him but he wrote and appeared in Satellite City, a much under-rated Welsh sitcom.)

Although I did queue to get rugby hero Barry John's autograph for my cousin and I served tea to the Welsh international football team of 1971.

No, you're right; it doesn't really compare to a conversation with Edge.


Furtheron said...

I talked to John Entwistle once at a guitar fair.

I met Ric Mayal in the queue for the gents at a Jeff Beck gig.

Well Gary Rhodes - but that doesn't count as we were at school together and it was long time before he was famous. Normally what I said to him wouldn't belong on your blog... lets just say we weren't great mates

Liz said...

You win, Furtheron!

Furtheron said...

I forgot - I helped Tony Bennet toast a bagel in an airport lounge in the USA once and also helped Adrian Edmonson and Jennifer Saunders operate a coffee machine in a lounge in London... I also met Gordon Ramsey in one of them and Gary Lineker on a flight to San Fransisco...

I've not done badly actually on that score.

Liz said...

Oh just rub it in, Mr Furtheron-friend-of-the-famous!